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✳When you see an interesting dynamic content and caption, you will want to copy it and save it. Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to do this. If you want to do that, all you need to do is download the GB Instagram version and you can easily copy any of the content, even including other people's comments.☢

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ⓡThe delay in accepting user suggestions for changes or new features by the official WhatsApp has annoyed users. For example, some users complained that it was inconvenient to have to save numbers to the address book in order to dial them. As an example, sometimes users go to events and the taxi driver asks for their location on WhatsApp to pick them up.↩

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✓As we get deeper into using WhatsApp, we will always have a need for different features. In the GB WhatsApp app, you can use it just like WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is better than the original version of WhatsApp, with more advanced features and upgrades than the regular WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has more unlocking features and freedom, and it offers you various customisation features. . GB WhatsApp has been introduced in detail in this article. Before reading this article, you can check out more related versions inⓗ

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